Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Definition of laughter .

Definition of laughter
Definition of laughter

The Importance Of Laughter :-

2 - Definition of laughter :
Laughter is a form of expression which appears externally human in the form of fun and joy.
There are many reasons for laughter , it also described as physiology reaction , the result of hear a joke or Foreplay , and other reasons ...
The push for human inhalation of some chemicals such as nitrates oxide ( Nitrous oxide ), also known as " Gas is ridiculous " to exit bouts of hysterical laughter, or rely on certain drugs such as hashish (Cannabis) , The cause fits of laughter strong rise in the eye of tears and cause some minor pain in the muscles .

When people want to laugh?

People feel the desire to laugh when he heard a joke , When exposed to the position of Entertainers , or laugh when a person Tickling him .
Example : pressure on the ulna nerve .
Laughter is part of human behaviour, organized by the brain and these positive emotion help humans to clarify its intentions in the context of social interaction , the laughter also one of aspects of communication and participation with others .
Laughter is a mark indicating the presence of human in the social group and also a reference to the acceptance of positive interaction between him and the others .
May be laughter sometimes contagious phenomenon :
when person laughs May push others who are around him to laugh .
Study of laughter and humor and psychological and physiological impact on the human body called the ( Gelotology ) science