Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why we are laughing ?

Why we are laughing ?
1 - Why we are laughing ?
Ancient Philosophers say about laughter :
Philosopher Aristotle said " We laugh at those who are less of us and for ugly people, and joy comes from the feeling that we are the top layer of them"
Philosopher Hegel said " Laughter arises as a result of the contradiction between the concept and the true meaning HIDDEN provided by this concept. "
Philosopher Freud said " the Laughter phenomenon, and her function of launching psychological energy that was mobilized in improper or false expectations. "
John Morreall
Philosopher John Morreall said " The laughter humanitarian him biological origins as a form of expression when the traffic risk. "
Peter Marteinson
Philosopher Peter Marteinson said " Laughter is a response to the perception that recognizes that social Being is not something real. "