Thursday, May 29, 2008

The laughter difference between humans

The laughter difference between humans
3- The laughter difference between humans

Some studies showed that the laugh different by humans sex , that mean there is different between male and female laugh . the different in the laugh reasons and the way to laugh .

When woman laugh you will hear sharply Voice , and when man laugh you will hear Voice harsh .

When we laugh at someone or situation , we laughed to deny this situation and we denied the The possibility of occurrence ,and that what happen with male and female , we can called that " the denial Laughter "

The denial Laughter is the way to Purge the mind from all negative experiences and ideas .

An example of clarifying
When a person sees another person is located on the ground explodes in laughter, and the launching of laughter trying to banish from his mind and his thinking the negative idea of fall on the ground.