Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The animals laughter (1) .

The animals laughter (1) .
 The animals laughter
The Importance Of Laughter :-
4- The animals laughter .

Laughter is not limited to the human race only , Despite the words of the philosopher Aristotle by which he says " Human Is The Only Animal Who Is laughing . "

A - Mammal category .
Mammal category that include apes as ( chimpanzee , gorilla , orangutan ) . ( Orangutan ) a kind of high apes like man in Somatra and Pornew . Orangutan releases laughter sounds result to some body touching as dalliance .
A man can't know chimpanzee laughter because chimpanzee laughter as breathing (inspiration and exhalation) , that mean that chimpanzee laughter as breathing operation or breathe quickly ..
There are many examples show that apes declare about her joy as human :
Group of scientists studied on on human kids and chimpanzee kids , They dallied them fleshly .
Although there was difference on the sound of laughter which was loudly with chimpanzee kids , there was similarity in face expressions . Also they found that human kids had been excited from the same places which chimpanzee kids excite from it as the armpit and abdomen area .