Friday, September 19, 2008

The animals laughter (2) .

The animals laughter (2) .
rat The Importance Of Laughter :-
4- The animals laughter .

B - Rats
The scientists discovered that the rats issue sounds during period of joy and playing and also in fleshly dallied case , and this sound is so weak and human can't hear it unless he use special tools .

They also discovered that the rat as human excited from his skin in specific places in his body .
This laughter is linked to the existence of feelings and emotions and positive linkages between animal and human is leading the mouse to explore more of these dally.
It was found that the positive response translated in the form of desire in mice more fun to play and spend more time with other mice .
Jaak Panksepp and Jeff Burgdorf made a research work to track the origin of the biological joy in the brain by comparing rats Society of young children and practice in an atmosphere of fun playing. In spite of the inability of research to show that mice with sense of humor , but they noted the ability of rats to laughter and expression.
In another study it was found that mice make the voices of "Chirp" before playing wrestling or taking morphine or the exercise of sexuality and explains that this voice is expecting to positive rewarded .