Monday, June 30, 2008

Clever Beggar !!

Clever Beggar Clever Beggar !!

I was struck by the pitiful sight of a poor beggar. He was lame and black piece of a dirty cloth coverd his eyes which gave me the impression of being blind . I was deeply moved and thought of helping him .

" Money may be of help to him to buy whatever he needs . " I said to myself . So I put my hand in my poket and gave him all the change I had . I could hear his words of thanks and gratitude . I could feel the satisfaction that com over me when I heard his words and in peace i left him .

After walking a few paces , somthig mad me look behind just to see the last impression of my kindness on the face of the poor man . Yet to my great surprise I saw him take off the bandage from his eyes and with great cleverness he was counting the money I had given to him . His eyes were wide open " Thus I was deceived by this clever beggar . "